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  • Blu
  • "Blu", features some of his greatest work to date. "Blu" features Graham Russell and the rest of the guys from Air Supply on it, along with Grammy nominated bass legend Michael Manring. "I am so pleased with Blu...it turned out just how I imagined it." He also said, "Working with Michael Manring was another dream come true for me...he has always been a hero of mine and to go toe to toe with him on the CD was amazing."
  • Pendulum
  • "Pendulum" was a break through CD for Jonni. He found his new sound, using the bass as a lead instrument in a band with two bass players. “Pendulum” is an up-front instrumental record where bass and guitar blend perfectly while sharing melodies and intertwining solos. Jonni’s use of the piccolo bass is not only unique but truly stands out in a league of its own. - © 2001 Jonni Lightfoot • DreamAttik
  • Copper Street Fair
  • In 1996 Jonni received great feedback from "Copper Street Fair", including "Most Innovated New Artist" from Bass Frontiers magazine for his use of the "Piccolo Bass". The Cover of Jonni's Debut CD say's "No Guitars were used in the recording of this record" it was done with all basses using the Piccolo Bass as the centerpiece of 9 Moving songs. Jonni worked with Singer James Woods on this record, and even toured under the name "Copper Street Fair" for 6 months.